Posted by: watchmancurtis | December 22, 2009

The Christmas Tear

As Christmas day rapidly approaches I wanted to change perspectives for a moment.   I ran across a poem I wrote my wife, Heather, years ago when we had very little to give each other.  It helps me keep things in perspective today and I thought I would share it with you.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I pray you have a blessed and merry Christmas this year.

The Christmas Tear


There’s a list of things I wanted

For your Christmas list this year,

So many wondrous presents,

For the one I hold so dear.


A ring with lovely diamonds,

A dress with matching shoes,

Are a couple of the things,

I’d like to give to you.


A bracelet made of silver,

A necklace full of pearls,

Adornments both so pretty,

For my very special girl.


I’d like to give you gifts,

To meet your every need,

A library of books

So you can sit and read!


So many things I wanted,

To show you how I care,

But my wallet is too empty,

And there’s not much here to share.


There’s a list of things I wanted,

For your Christmas list this year,

But what I have to give you,

Is a single Christmas tear.


There’s a little bit of sadness,

In this tear I give to you,

For it seems a bit inadequate,

For the one I love so true.


This tear is mostly happy, though,

As I’m sure you’ll come to see.

So listen while I tell you,

What it means to me.


 This tear is full of memories,

As I look back through the years.

The way you’ve made my life so full

To me is very clear.


This tear is full of joyfulness,

At the laughter we have shared.

To find a jewel that shines like you,

Is truly, truly, rare.


I shed this tear for thankfulness,

To you and to the Lord,

For bringing you into my life,

Was a true and blessed reward.


I’m thankful too for your selflessness,

The sacrifices made,

For when you’ve had to do without,

It’s a price you’ve gladly paid.


But most of all this tear I give,

Is a tear wrapped up in love,

And packaged with a bow of prayer,

That I send to God above.


Silver and gold I do not have,

Few presents are under the tree,

But I pray that you will see this tear,

As a precious gift from me.


There’s a list of things I wanted,

For your Christmas list this year,

But all I have to give you,

Is this single Christmas tear.

Curtis Ward



  1. That is a great poem! I love it!

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